A Tennis Alberta Tennis Facility

Reasons why Aforza supports Tennis Alberta in having its own tennis facility:

  • A strong PSO (provincial sport organization) means a strong tennis community.
  • Funds generated from a TA facility would mean a sustainable organization (more staff, stronger reputation, self-staining, not beholden to gov and TC for grant money for growth initiatives).
  • Better supports and training for coaches and officials.
  • TA could better fund its high-performance athletes.
  • TA could afford to send an Alberta coach to Nationals!
  • TA could run social programs or assist organizations like the Calgary Tennis Society does.
  • They could grow tennis, expand!  put the funds towards building another facility in Calgary or somewhere else in the Province.
  • TA should be spending their time and money on growing and nurturing the sport of tennis not on costly legal battles.

Like this vision? Email Tennis Alberta and let the Board know so they can represent your views!