Aforza Alumni

2023 Rayyan Rasheed

Your coach:


How old were you when you started to play tennis, when did you join the Academy?

started tennis at age 10 and joined the academy at that time

What is next for you?

University of Calgary, Engineering

How old you were when you started to take tennis seriously, what or who inspired or motivated you to do so?

I started taking tennis seriously around the age of 13. I was always surrounded by the game whether it was my grandparents putting tennis on the TV or getting out with my family over the weekend and just having fun with my siblings. I was always a kid who dreamed big and my mind would often drift to what the biggest thing tennis could be for me and that’s what motivated me to pour my heart and soul into it.

What was your biggest challenge in obtaining your tennis goals?

My biggest challenge was always my physical health. I gave my 100 percent into everything I did and with it came a variety of issues. My family was and is a huge part in whatever it is that I do and without them I wouldn’t be able to do any of it without their support. To my Mom and Dad for always being my biggest cheerleaders and always being there for me through the good and bad, Thank you. To my Coach and one of my best friends, Garcia, who was always there for me when ever I felt low and never gave up on me even when things were not going the way we had hoped. He was always there in my corner whenever I needed a person to talk too, and the countless life lessons that he had shared with me is something I will never forget, Thank you. I am forever grateful and blessed that I am able to have such incredible people in my life that have pushed me past the dark times and without them I would not be the person that I am today.

Please share your fondest memories from your training or competition with Aforza?

My favourite memories at Aforza will always be with the elite group that I grew up with. At first I didn’t know any of these people and over time these guys became like a second family to me.The friendships that I have made at Aforza is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Other comments or memories you’d like to share.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey throughout these ten years. These past ten years have been the best ten years of my life and I am so grateful that I had such incredible people that came along for the ride. From the moment I stepped through those doors for the first time I always felt welcomed and knew that this place will forever hold a special place in my heart. This place has given my family and I memories that will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful for those who were there to put the battery in my back to go after my dreams and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Do you have any advice for other young players?

My advice for the current Academy players would be to dream big. I will always remember my journey as being that short brown kid who started this journey through first serve tennis and weekend Rec groups with nothing but a racquet and a dream of becoming the best tennis player that I could be. Although I didn’t have an early start like some of my peers, I never let that cloud the aspirations that I had for myself. I never got big results like those around me but my love and passion for the game was bigger than any result and I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything in the entire world. So dream big and approach the game with love and passion because no matter what age you are or what skills you don’t have always shoot for the stars.