Our history & alumni legacy

A legacy of Calgary tennis

Aforza has been serving Calgarians since 1974 when it was established by Rico Policarpo. Rico aspired to make tennis accessible to everyone in the city throughout the winter months. He successfully achieved this goal when he covered six outdoor public tennis courts with a bubble and attached an Atco trailer to serve as a clubhouse.

In summer 2000, Aforza expanded with four new indoor courts, a large clubhouse with men's and women's locker rooms, a well-equipped pro shop and a fully serviced lounge. We are now the largest public indoor tennis club in Western Canada.

Aforza has a long history of supporting and developing competitive tennis in Alberta. We have produced nine National Junior Champions, with many juniors having attained a national ranking of six or better. We host 16 tournaments a year for Tennis Alberta, which is more than every other club in Alberta combined.

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Founder, Rico Policarpo

Aforza Alumni

Aforza is the second-oldest indoor tennis club in Calgary. We have a rich 45-year history, and we love celebrating it!
Join us as we continue to share the Aforza legacy.

2023 Aurora Pedwell
2023 Jolene Fernandes
2023 Rayyan Rasheed
2023 Michael Di Stefano
2022 Chenny Amadike
2022 Emily Niers
2022 Arshjot Bhatti
2021 Liam Spiers
2021 Arthur McCarthy
2020 Tyler Sinclair
2019 Emily Granson
2019 Yanozie (Zizi) Amadike
2017 Rayne Sinclair
2017 Munachi Amadike
2017 Ayush Gupta
2017 Gage Kingsmith