School programs

We specialize in offering tennis lessons to children ages 5-17. Since opening in July 2007, we have provided artist in residency programs for local schools in Calgary with tremendous positive reviews. Our artist in residency program is a great addition to any physical education program.

Tennis as part of the curriculum

The sport of tennis fulfills several requirements for physical education as mandated by the government of Alberta, specifically the Basic Manipulative Skills component. Students develop both reception and projections skills while learning to use an implement. Tennis is also a life-long sport that offers the unique ability for students to play in both an individual and team sport.

We can easily accommodate up to 50 students in a small gym while actively engaging every child. All of our coaches are skilled at handling large numbers of students and we provide all of the necessary equipment.


We use portable, fold out nets that measure 16.5 feet wide. Our soft, low compression balls ensure an appropriate pace and safe environment for learning. We also supply quality racquets of various sizes for all participants.

Program costs

1 week

(25 hours)


2 weeks

(50 hours)


(10% discount)

3 weeks

(75 hours)


(20% discount)

Information and registration

For more information on our school programs and to book, contact us using the form provided or contact our Community Programs Coordinator at or 403.835.5583.