Used tennis balls

It takes about 450 years for tennis balls to decompose naturally and our local recycling facility does not currently accept tennis balls. Often players use a fresh new can of balls for each match. In some cases, these balls are used for another match or two but they eventually lose their bounce and become unplayable. So what happens then? What is an environmentally conscious tennis player to do?

Aforza accepts used and unwanted balls with the purpose of extending their useful life cycle and ultimately diverting them from the landfill while doing a little good in the community. We do not provide this service for any monetary gain but rather as a public service to help those who want to recycle and reduce landfill waste.

Donate your used balls

Drop them off at the Aforza Pro Shop during regular business hours.

Receive used tennis balls

We provide used tennis balls to non-profit groups at no charge.
Contact us to learn more.

Buy used tennis balls

$25 for one box of about 100 balls. Proceeds go to charity. Great for ball machines, baseball, or DIY projects. Contact or visit the Aforza Pro Shop to purchase.

Reuse your tennis balls

Assisted living facilities

Use old tennis balls on the ends of walkers to help them glide more smoothly over floors.


Put them on the ends of desk chairs to reduce noise levels when chairs are moved.

Animal rescues

Fetch toys for dogs.

DIY dog toy

Make a dog toy with a tennis ball and an old t-shirt.

DIY projects in the home

Towel holders with faces, votive holders, earmuffs.