Aforza Alumni

2022 Emily Niers

Emily signed with Texas State University in Nov 2021

Your coach:

Will Hotomanie/Marc Colangeli

How old were you when you started to play tennis, when did you join the Academy?


What is next for you?

Texas State University in San Marcos

Please share your academic or tennis related awards or achievements with us.

My international rating is 800, my highest utr was 9.35. I graduated on the honour roll at Western Canada High School.

How old you were when you started to take tennis seriously, what or who inspired or motivated you to do so?

I started taking tennis seriously when I was around 9 years old. I had joined tennis academy and was put into Coach Wills group. I was probably the worst player at the time and Will helped me develop into the player I am today. I played my very first tennis match at the winter club against Emma Rutherford and lost horrendously 6-0,6-0. From then on I fell in love with tennis and with the competitive nature of it. The person who inspired me was my first coach Will Hotomanie. He always encouraged me and helped me develop my love for the sport. Will would always say to me that his number 1 goal was for me to love the game and he definitely accomplished that goal.

What was your biggest challenge in obtaining your tennis goals?

My biggest challenge in obtaining my tennis goals would probably be my mental state. I was always told that I’m “too nice” or “too gentle” and I needed to be more competitive. Learning to have a more competitive mentality and nature was definitely a big challenge for me.

Please share your fondest memories from your training or competition with Aforza?

I loved training at aforza because I loved my coaches and I loved my group. I always found that I got along really well with my coaches and really well with my team. Aforza was basically my second home, from the amount of times spent there and the relationships that I built over the years.

Other comments or memories you’d like to share.

I feel great about my experiences at aforza. I learnt a lot through my hours spent there and built so many strong relationships. It was really my happy place as I grew up.

Please share your most notable tennis achievement(s):

My international rating is 800, my highest utr was a 9.35. I have made it to the quarterfinals of two J3 ITF tournaments and the semi finals in doubles. I have won the sportsmanship award at u18 nationals. I competed in Western Canada Summer Games in 2018 and Canada Summer Games in 2022.