Aforza Spotlight

Chenny Amadike

Academy Alumni

2021-22 Academy Graduate

Juniors come to Aforza to compete and our Academy program is tailored to develop and train these elite competitive athletes. Chenny Amadike is one of our talented young players. He realized his own potential early on and accomplished his goal of earning a tennis scholarship. He signed with Alabama A&M University in March 2022 and will be studying Computer Science.

Chenny has always taken tennis seriously and his accomplishments show it. He’s won four ITF tournaments and has several provincial titles to his name, but it wasn’t always an easy road. Chenny nearly quit tennis in his teens. He said, “I had a rough time from ages 13-16, a lot of confidence issues on the court, didn’t believe in myself and I wanted to quit.” Chenny stuck with it though, through daily practices and fitness sessions, and in time his feelings changed. He discovered his true potential in U12 when he was competing with the best in Nationals and holding his own. It was the confidence boost he needed and the experience pushed him to move forward and accomplish his goals.

Looking back, Chenny’s fondest memories were the Aforza summer camps and the lunch time ping pong tournaments. His first J5 ITF title in Abuja, Nigeria will always stick with him and he says he has lost track of all the trophies his mom keeps. His nickname “Milk Man” will also last, likely longer than he’d like. He truly loved his years of training here at Aforza, since he was 5 years old, and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Would he do it all over again? You bet! Chenny says, “I have loved my time at Aforza; all the coaches that I have had, the experiences that I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of, the morning practices, getting yelled at by the coaches at six in the morning. Its all been a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.”

We feel the same way and wish Chenny the very best.

Coach Jeff Spiers shares this message: “Chenny will be sorely missed at Aforza! Chenny has been a true leader in the academy. He leads by example in training and helps mentor and interact with the younger kids in the academy. It will be sad to see Chenny leave, but I will cherish the time I got to spend with him while at the academy.”

Congratulations Chenny and good luck!

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