Aforza Spotlight

Marlene Gukert

Our club is diverse, and our members play for all sorts of different reasons. Marlene Gukert is one of our members and she loves to stay active through tennis, but she mostly enjoys socializing and having fun. She’s found that opportunity here at Aforza.

Marlene is far too humble, so we are happy to brag for her. She’s a true reflection of our community of sporty, fun and awesome tennis lovers. Marlene is kind and sincere and a friend to many of our staff. Her genuine spirit is contagious, and we enjoy seeing her come through our doors each week; usually for a weekly clinic or a Monday morning block. She often comes in early to chat with our staff and stays late to continue the fun and visit with her tennis friends.

Marlene learned how to play tennis as a child, but she simply got busy and rarely played as she got older. She came back to tennis in her retirement, thanks to a friend and an invitation to play at Aforza. She’s now been playing here for more than six years. Marlene admits she doesn’t have a competitive nature, but she loves playing tennis, particularly outside, and it’s a hobby that allows her to stay fit and interact with her peers.

Aforza co-owner, Karen Spiers, shared, “I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Marlene over the last couple of years and every time we meet my appreciation for her grows. She is a generous friend, a volunteer and an asset to her communities, a dog-lover, a traveler/adventurer, and she has a strong sense of fairness and conviction. What’s not to love!”

Front desk manager, Doug Kozak, looks forward to seeing Marlene each week and he’s discovered she is an avid volunteer for a few different organizations. Thanks to retirement, she says, Marlene can give back to her people and communities. Marlene is on the Tennis Alberta board of directors and she is actively involved with a grassroots outreach group called Street Sisters Society. In fact, she’s been graciously taking our unclaimed lost and found quarterly to support the Street Sisters outreach. Doug says, “We are definitely lucky to have members at the club like Marlene, she helps create the atmosphere here.”

Marlene is the atmosphere! She encourages others to continue to play as they age and to find their place here in our tennis community. “Aforza has provided me with a community where I feel welcome. I have met so many wonderful people,” she says. Thanks, Marlene!

And you are welcome here too.

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