Aforza Spotlight

Riley Pilsworth

Customer Relations / Recent Finance Graduate

We know a tennis club is only as good as it’s people.

Riley Pillsworth is the first face you’ll see when you visit Aforza, he’s right behind the front desk. Customer relations is his specialty and he’s been our one-stop shop for all things Aforza since he started nearly four years ago. Riley answers the phone, directs all of our participants to their courts, advises on our programming and events, and operates the tournament desk, a huge undertaking.

Recently, under manager Doug Kozak’s direction, Riley took on a massive improvement initiative related to Aforza stringing procedures. According to co-owner Karen Spiers, “He knocked it out of the park! During the information gathering stage he consulted with our booking software providers, Court Reserve, who ended up taking Riley’s vision for stringing POS and CRM and immediately started work to bring that vision to life.” Soon the same stringing module will be used for all Court Reserve clubs. It’s one of Riley’s greatest challenges and accomplishments here at Aforza.

Riley has been a huge asset to our club. He has handled every challenge and new task here at Aforza with ease and has excelled in every area. He has always represented Aforza well, with a willingness to help and a genuine kindness for those who enter our doors or call. We are all so fond of Riley and wish him only the very best; he’ll be moving on this January as he graduates university and moves into a new career.

Front Desk Manager Doug Kozak says, “Riley has been a key member of the Aforza team, and him leaving us will be a huge loss.” Bitter-sweet! His shoes will be hard to fill.

We asked Riley a few more personal questions and here’s what we found out.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you?

  • I’m from Grande Prairie, Alberta. I lived there for 17 years until I graduated high school and moved to Calgary seeking a brighter future. I live with my girlfriend, Amanda. I love mountain biking, music and technology. I love animals as well. I grew up with a black lab, Bella, since I was 7 years old but she sadly passed away this September and I miss her very much. My girlfriend and I adopted a kitten, named Katy, and we hope to give her as much love as Bella gave to me over the years.

What’s your history here at Aforza?

  • I’ve worked at Aforza for almost four years at the front desk, with Doug Kozak as my manager. I started when I began my Bachelor of Business degree (major in Finance), and I am graduating this December, so I will be leaving Aforza after January 2023 to pursue my career in Finance.

What are your fondest memories at Aforza?

  • Going to the Challenger with Doug, Carson and Brett and having a bit too much fun.

What’s your history with tennis, if any? Do you play?

  • Nope! And I’ve never even picked up a tennis racquet. I mountain bike, longboard and ski. Mainly mountain bike though! I just got this tennis-related job because I thought it would be fun to be in a new environment

What have you learned about tennis? Any insights for those interested in playing or joining the club?

  • I’ve learned a lot about what to look for when purchasing a racquet or any other tennis equipment. It’s important to know what kind of a player you are to determine your racquet, strings, tension and so much more! There is a lot of technical knowledge that I didn’t know existed until I started learning on the job. The insights would be not to go to a general sporting goods store and buy any odd racquet because the product will be cheap and the service will be broad. At Aforza, you have genuine talent that is specialized in the game, so you will be much better off if you’re serious about your game.

What is Aforza to you? Why is it great?

  • My coworkers at Aforza treated me like family the entire time I was there. Every single coach and every single person in management were always so friendly and greeting to me, I’ve genuinely loved being at Aforza and I have nothing but good things to say about the people that work there. The regulars that we see are also some of the most thoughtful and kind-hearted people.
  • Doug Kozak has been an incredible boss to me over the years. When times would get tough, whether final exams or family crises, Doug would step in and personally cover my shifts even if it meant he was working from 7:30 am-11 pm. For that, I cannot praise Doug enough as not only a boss, but also a friend.

What does the future look like for you?

  • I will be working with a mutual fund at the end of January and starting my first position in the finance realm. My goal is just to focus on my happiness and the well-being of those close to me, including my girlfriend Amanda and my mother.

We are certain that where ever Riley ends up, he will be successful. His new workplace will be lucky to have him. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are a family here at Aforza. Thanks for making our club great, Riley.

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