Our Team

Carson Savage

Customer Relations, Facility Maintenance Personale

Carson Savage is the Facility Maintenance Manager here at Aforza. He started at the front desk in 2018 and has grown to love the sport of tennis since. A Calgarian through and through, Carson has a background in youth sports programming and brings that experience, along with his strengths of problem solving and critical thinking to his often-challenging job. When problems arise, Carson is quick to solve them with knowledge and care and, when needed, a bit of humor to lighten the mood.

Carson loves to stay active. In his spare time, if he’s not helping out with one of our children’s programs or in an adult clinic himself, he is outdoors biking, fishing with his father, road tripping with friends, playing hockey in the winter, or indoors working on his motorcycles or a new project.

Favorite racket:

Head Extreme Pro

Favorite shoes:

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2s

Spare-time activities

Hockey, football, golf, darts, tennis, billiards and rugby
Fantasy football and hockey
Working on new projects in my garage
Video games