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Hichem Saidi

Fitness Trainer

Physical Trainer, versatile Coach, and skilled Sports Educator, possessing solid and in-depth knowledge of sports psychology and regulations for sports programs and specific physical preparation. Provides personalized and tailored training based on each athlete’s level. Capable of inspiring and continuously motivating athletes to perform at their best, drawing from pedagogical expertise and personal experience as a high-level athlete. Prevents injuries and prepares the body for exertion using scientific methods, while developing individual resources and potential, including strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, explosiveness, while adhering to recovery standards.

Level of certification and the associated organization:

*high school diploma in sport
*University degree in athletic training
*2 degree coaching diploma in athletics
*Fitness instructor certificate

Fluent languages:


Education, training and certifications:

USTA, USPTR and Club PRO One

Player accomplishments:

Worked with:
Ferdawess Bahri
234 ITFs
Ameur Ben Hassen
Majed Kileni
National team and participation in the Davis Cup
Sarra Atig, African champion

Favorite racket:


Favorite shoes:

Asics and Nike

Spare-time activities