Aforza Alumni

2019 Emily Granson

2019 Emily Granson signs with Augustana University

Your coach:

Jeff Spiers

How old were you when you started to play tennis, when did you join the Academy?


What is next for you?

Augustana University (South Dakota)

How old you were when you started to take tennis seriously, what or who inspired or motivated you to do so?


What was your biggest challenge in obtaining your tennis goals?

I never had access to indoor tennis courts in my hometown growing up. The closest courts were in Calgary 2.5 hours away.

Please share your fondest memories from your training or competition with Aforza?

The group lessons in the evenings. I made some of my best friends at the time!

Other comments or memories you’d like to share.

I always had lots of fun and improved my tennis game!

Please share your most notable tennis achievement(s):

Multiple time provincial champion. 2 time conference championship with my university team. 2 appearances at regionals. My team reached as high as 12 in the national rankings. Dean’s List Fall of 2019 – Augustana University (Sioux Falls South Dakota) 2019/2020 NSIC All-Academic Team of Excellence Dean’s List Spring of 2020 – Augustana University (Sioux Falls South Dakota)