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Sonia C. Bernal

Sonia Bernal is a cornerstone of our team, serving as both our Tennis Coordinator and one of our esteemed Elite Coaches. She joined Aforza in 2013 and assumed her current management role more than five years ago, steering our tennis programs with an unwavering dedication to our adults, juniors and children alike.

Hailing from Colombia, Sonia won multiple national junior titles in her home county before securing a scholarship to Rollins College in Florida where her journey to tennis excellence continued as a college player. Transitioning seamlessly into coaching in her teenage years, she now imparts a wealth of experience and core values – honesty, respect and determination – to her students. Emphasizing fundamentals, Sonia inspires her students to excel on and off the court. Her coaching mantra is simple yet impactful: “Give your best. Work hard. Care. Smile. Be polite.”

Karen Spiers, our Operations Director, paints a vivid picture of Sonia as dedicated, loyal, kind and enthusiastic, with a vision and passion for our tennis community and programming. Karen affirms, “Sonia ensures everyone feels welcome and has an opportunity to play and improve their tennis skills.” As a pivotal team member, Sonia’s coordination has elevated our programming to new heights.

Tennis Director, Jeff Spiers, echoes these sentiments, praising Sonia’s professionalism, determination and organizational skills. Her exceptional leadership not only enhances communication and programming across all levels here at Aforza but also encourages our coaches and staff. Jeff reflects, “Sonia’s passion for tennis is infectious. Her clients love to work with her, and her fellow coaches love working for her.” With over a decade of loyal service, Sonia continues to excel, seamlessly balancing the demands of management with the joys of motherhood.

Beyond her professional achievements, here are some fun facts about Sonia:

  • As a child, Sonia idolized Steffi Graf. Her favorite tennis players today are Iga Swiatek, Coco Gauff, Carlos Alcaraz and Janik Sinner.
  • Sonia’s parents were an invaluable and positive influence on her. She also has an American dad named Bill, who’s been a vital part of her life since high school and a constant source of support and advice.
  • Remarkably, Sonia has never had a serious injury in all her years of playing.
  • Her fondest memory as a player remains her first U12 national tournament singles and doubles win. Even today, she remembers it vividly, how she felt and played with focus and grit.
  • If not for tennis, Sonia imagines herself as a teacher or professor.

Aforza’s allure lies not only in our world-class facility and staff but also in our vibrant community. And, although she’s hung up her tennis racket these days, you can still find Sonia enjoying a game of padel here in her free time.

Sonia imparts valuable and lasting advice for players and coaches: “Never give up on anything. Things may look rough, but if you set your mind and work towards something, you will achieve it. It may not be the way you envisioned it, but you will get there as long as you never stop believing and working towards that goal.”

At Aforza, we aim to ignite your passion for tennis and empower you to achieve your tennis goals. With the finest coaching and management staff in the province, our enthusiasm and expertise keep players of all levels coming back for more. Intrigued? Discover more about our offerings and our vibrant tennis community today. Learn more.

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