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Andre Szilvassy


Hello! My name is Andre Szilvassy, I am a semi-professional tennis player and high performance tennis coach, living out the grind, and what a grind it is.

I wish to share the experiences I have as a player with the juniors of today, specifically on the mental side. Every tennis player on this planet experiences nervousness, anger, helplessness and much more. I seek to explore why a player feels the way they do and how that affects their performance, but more importantly their relationship with the game. My goal is to collaborate with players to find individual routines (pre-match, during, and post-match) which will help them work with their emotions to perform better and enjoy the grind longer.

Aforza has a great culture, one that is growing and one that I look forward to adding to!

Level of certification and the associated organization:

Club PRO One

Education, training and certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Business from Western University
President of the Board of Directors at PAL Canada Foundation

Personal accomplishments:

Top 25 Player in Canada
Winner of over 15 men's opens in Canada, including Toronto & Calgary Open, Ontario Open Finalist
Defeated multiple top 1500 ATP players *all whilst coaching*

Player accomplishments:

Helped in the ranking rise from #200 to #100 in the Junior Boys ITF World rankings in a four month span, the rise can be attributed to a multitude of coaches and the work the player himself put in. I travelled with the player across three continents alone. My role on the team was the Mental coach and Training Partner.

Helped Natasha Sengprachanh (1292 WTA) collect her first WTA points

Secured over 20 college scholorships (NCAA and NAIA)

Training partner of Lulia Bucea (top 20 female player in Canada) for three years

Training partner for multiple U-16 Ontario Provincial Champion's (Boy's) for two years

Favorite racket:

Babolat Pure Strike

Favorite shoes:

Adidas AdiZero Feather Blue (2011)
Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Black (2021)

Spare-time activities

Exercise of any kind (gym, biking and running)
Watching sports
Reading & writing